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geoSQL Builder

Currently I'm working on a SQL builder to manage spatial database. The aim is to execute SQL code using spatial operators and predicats. Result is displayed like a table or like a geographic layer.

The data must be stored and exchanged using OGC specifications.


SIG front end : OpenJUMP (projet-sigle version) and gvSIG (0.61)

Plugin : official postgis OpenJUMP plugin http://openjump.org/wiki/show/Plugins

Spatial database : PostgreSQL with Postgis extension

SQL front end : iSQLViewer

OS : Xubuntu and WindowsXP


Official postgis plugin modified

Load a postgis tableLoad a postgis layer : Official plugin postgis
Postgis layerPostgis layer loading
Postgis layerUnder construction
Postgis layerUnder construction

iSQLViewer for OpenJUMP

iSQL Viewer for OpenJUMPNew plugin to use iSQLViewer with OpenJUMP
iSQL Viewer for OpenJUMPUnder construction
iSQL Viewer for OpenJUMPUnder construction


'Official postgis plugin modified binary and sources' : http://r1.bocher.free.fr/logiciel/sqlbuilder/simplepostgisplugin-put-in-lib-ext.tar

iSQLViewer for OpenJUMP binary and sources : http://r1.bocher.free.fr/logiciel/sqlbuilder/isqlviewer4openjump-put-in-lib-ext.tar

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